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1. We are the Canmore Skating Club. All business will be conducted under this name.

2. All transactions will be completed in Canadian Dollars.

3. We do not export any goods or services.

4. All programs will take place at the location indicated in the program registration.

5. We do not offer any products for purchase on this site.

6. Additionally to the general policies, you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions as required by each particular program during the registration process.

7. No member information will be shared with the exception of Skate Canada's registration requirements.

8. Fall/Winter programs are fully refundable prior to start date, excluding Annual Skate Canada Membership fees.

9. Any refunds/changes due to medical reasons, skater/guardian must first notify the Canmore Skating Club/membership director. This will become the official date for any adjustments, a doctor's recommendation must be provided as soon as possible. Each case will be reviewed individually to provide the best possible solution for both parties.

10. The Canmore Skating Club does not issue refunds or credits for any off-ice/ice sessions missed due to personal reasons including extended vacations. In addition, a skater may not skate on an ice session or attend an off-ice session meant for another skater to make up the missed off-ice/ice session. If a skater wishes to make up a missed off-ice/ice session, they may pay the applicable drop in fee for another session they are eligible to participate in.

11. The Canmore Skating Club does not issue refunds or credits in the events of ice cancellations by the arena or due to mechanical breakdown or due to unforeseen circumstances. The Canmore Skating Club will make every effort to provide makeup ice at no additional cost for those affected skaters during the affected programming block (eg. Fall/Winter 2020-21).

12. The Canmore Skating Club will not issue a refund or credit for off-ice sessions that have been cancelled due to the cancellation by the facility provider or due to unforeseen circumstances.  The Canmore Skating Club will endeavor to reschedule the sessions during the affected programming block (eg. Fall/Winter 2020-21). 

13. On July 1, 2011 Skate Canada implemented a helmet use policy. In order to participate in the CanSkate program, all skaters who have not achieved Stage 5 in the CanSkate program or who lack good balance and control must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.

14. By completing the online registration process,  the skater (over the age of 18) or parent/guardian expressly grants to the Skate Canada/Canmore Skating Club the right, privilege and license to use the skater's picture of likeness in any photograph, video production or any other forms of media publication and to use the skater's verbal or written statements of declarations for the purpose of promoting the Canmore Skating Club's programs or to encourage financial support for the club.

15.  Skate Canada Parent Code of Conduct

16. All fees in arrears must be paid in full prior to starting the new regular skating season. If you have a situation that prohibits you from paying your account in full, you must contact our club president or treasurer to discuss payment options.  This could affect your status with Skate Canada.

17. CanSkate & Pre-STAR will be prorated for late registrations after the first session is completed until 14 days following the first session. An administration fee of $25 will be withheld from the program cost regardless of how many sessions have been missed.The remaining amount will determine the pro-rated fee per session by dividing this amount by the total of sessions for the program.The pro-rated fee per session will then be multiplied by the number of remaining sessions to determine the pro-rated cost of the program. The total pro-rated program cost for each participant includes the base $25 administration free plus the calculated pro-rated amount.

18. Skaters who want to use ice or attend off-ice sessions that they are not registered for (referred to as drop-in) must first notify the Club at and get the session approved at least 24 hours in advance. Drop-in skating or off-ice training will only be approved if space permits. Skaters who have not pre-registered will not be permitted to participate. Payment is to be made before the skater steps on the ice or class begins. A 20% administration fee will be added to any amounts for drop-in sessions not paid in advance.

19. The Canmore Skating Club needs all of its members to participate, in a significant way, to the success of the club and its special events and fundraising projects. Typical fundraisers include casinos, selling products (eg. evergreen wreaths) and selling raffle tickets. Suggested sales and volunteer requirements are set by the Board from time to time and may vary depending on which program the skater is participating. 


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