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Anne Schelter

Anne is a Canadian coach who has worked with all kinds of skaters, from beginners to Olympic champions.  Her experience includes being moderator at many ISU seminars for skaters, coaches, and judges.  
She has been guest coach at National Training Camps and seminars all over the world including Canada, the USA, Europe and Japan.  She was named Skate Canada Competitive Coach of Excellence in 2015.

Annie's Edges: Exploring the edge with Anne Schelter

This workshop is not about the jumps and spins.  Instead, the focus is on everything that happens in between the elements.  Skaters will learn exercises and patterns to improve stroking skills, edges, and turns.  They will also explore different types of transitions and creative movement.  Annie's Edges is known world wide as an enjoyable way to work on the fundamentals of good basic skating technique. 


Dr. Kelly Lockwood

Dr. Kelly Lockwood is a Professor and Applied Sport Researcher in the Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, holds a Master of Science degree from Lakehead University and earned a doctoral degree in Applied Sport Sciences from the University of Alberta. Kelly has been a faculty member at Brock University since 2001.

Through the disciplines of Sport Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, Kelly has over 35 years of athletic and research experience. She was formerly a competitive figure skater, however has worked within the on ice sport industry (figure skating, speed skating and hockey) for the past 30 years. Her research and applied work has focused on best practices in developing athletes and sustaining long term athlete development. As an applied sport scientist, she has worked with many of Canada’s national sport organizations, making critical contributions to the science of sport performance; analyzing, teaching and training both off and on the ice and integrating skating mechanics into performance has been her niche focus. More recently, her work has extended beyond understanding the human component in sport performance to include working with industry assisting in equipment design and engineering, and investigating how to best harness physical and technical preparedness through sporting equipment, namely skate boot and blade development.

Kelly works routinely with athletes, coaches, and support staff such as athletic therapists and equipment managers to implement research outcomes. She holds technical advisory positions with provincial and national sport organizations. Her background in applied research has fostered the development of a unique perspective on the relationship between theory and practical application and has made her a strong advocate of the link between science and practice. 

Dr. Lockwood has been with Skating Vacation since it’s conception assisting the skaters with training and conditioning both off and on the ice. She is also the founder and president of The Skating Lab Inc., a commercial spin off from research conducted at Brock University.

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